About the Company

Amrutanjan Health Care was started in the year 1893 by social reformer, journalist and freedom fighter, Nageswara Rao Pantulu Garu. Today Amrutanjan is one of the household names in South India.

While Amrutanjan Pain Balm (Yellow Balm) is the flagship brand of the company with a rich heritage of over 100 years, the company is also planning to introduce a series of next generation products in healthcare category.

With a wide range of ayurvedic and allopathic products, Amrutanjan has helped millions of people relieve themselves from the pain and discomfort of headaches, colds, sprains, muscular pains, rheumatic pains and stands a real pain management specialist for its loyal customers.

The company has diversified into various businesses in the health care segment like the Fine Chemical Division and Osmosys Medical Clinic located in Chennai.  Apart from the products in the pain care segment, other categories include cough and cold care, health and home care.

Its products are available in the Gulf, African, South East and Asian countries. Plans are ready to enter the US and European markets in a big way.


  • Amrutanjan pain balm
  • Dragon Roll-on liquid balm
  • Joint ache cream
  • Pain relief kit
  • Cold rub
  • Vaporising gel
  • Cough drops
  • Swas mint
  • Diakyur capsules
  • Jiffy tablets
  • Decorn (corn caps)
  • Cutis olive oil, etc.
Parent OrganizationAmrutanjan Health Care Ltd.Managing DirectorS Sambhu Prasad
Founded1936NSE SymbolAMRUTANJAN